Bath Salts

Geek Inked met the authors of Bath Salts this year at Toronto’s Fan Expo. I don’t recall whether it was Alisse or An that I spoke to but they quickly captured my attention with their sales pitch.

Amazon Warehouse Daily Deals

We’re launching a new feature called Amazon Daily Deals. All day, every day, the GeekInked staff will scout the Amazon Warehouse for the best geeky deals.

Jewelry Ideas For The Trendy Geek

The rising trend of men wearing jewelry only goes to show that men’s jewelry is steadily entering mainstream men’s fashion.

Fan Expo 2016: Tyler Hoechlin

Having spent half his life in the business, starting early on the Road to Perdition, coming of age on 7th Heaven and most recently exploring his wilder side on Teen Wolf, the career of Tyler Hoechlin

3 Kitchen Gift Ideas this Christmas

Less than two months to go before the gift-giving season, do you have any gift ideas for your family and friends? Some of you might often dread the thought of giving gifts during Christmas.