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So after deciding I was too lazy to step out of the house to look for kid’s toys, I had a look at what Amazon had to offer. At first, I had to filter my search with specifications to get a selection of kid’s toys. I afterward realized that all the other toys they had to offer were rather interesting, but we will get to that later.
First off, I have a serious question to ask you, dear readers: why on earth to people still leave the house to do shopping?!? Looking through what was on offer, still in my pajamas and with a cup of coffee in my hands, I found enough to make any child happy!

Or so I thought.
Experimenting with one particular girl, whom I have been out shopping with, I saw that her eyes did not light up as much as they did when she had shelves filled with toys all around her. Sure, there was a great selection of toys that lit up my computer screen with colors, especially pink, and she really did get excited while scrolling through all the options. I felt I had to make a purchase for her, after having tortured the poor thing with pages of dolls and the likes, and while she was happy by the end of the experiment, it was apparent that for the young ones, being at a toy store is an occasion and a present in and of itself.

I, on the other hand, beg to differ.
After letting the little girl go, I spent hours browsing through all the cool tech you can find online. The great thing about shopping online is that I can actually learn about all the stuff I see without asking a thousand questions to some poor staff member at a tech store. While shopping online, if I saw a cool gadget, I would simply check out the specs on the item specification and update my knowledge base. I spent most of the time clicking on an item I was not too familiar with, then googling its application and use.

I also avoid the embarrassment of walking out of a store empty-handed after having nagged some employee for an hour.
What I learned while surfing online about all the technological gadgets out there was mind-blowing! In my first hour, I felt as if I had been living in bubble a decade into the past, given how much I didn’t know was out there. Not only that, but I found all sorts of exciting gadgets at prices I could afford. I decided to start off by buying a drone, not really thinking about all the safety hazards of flying such a thing in my area. I did, however, take it down to the beach and had the time of my life!

By the end of my shopping spree online, I peeled my eyes off the screen, sat myself outside, and thought of how much more addictive that was to actually stepping out to shop. Afterward, I took a long walk to make sure my health was not jeopardized by the conveniences of living in the twenty-first century.


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