5 Great Gifts for a Geeky Dad

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Christmas is almost here but it’s not too late to order last minute gifts!  Amazon offers 2-day and next-day shipping.  If you’re still hunting for that perfect gift, check out our list and get those orders in!

All that gift buying can leave your bank account lean. Besides the money, coming up with gifts that are not cheesy but useful for a dad who is so geeky he probably has everything he needs to play with can be hard, especially since tech gadgets tend to be hard to come by.

Here are some great gadgets that every nerdy guy wants to have!

1. The Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Drone

Drones have become the coolest gadget for any guy who considers themselves a geek. They can do incredible things and are available in different sizes and are available for prices lower than $50. Cheap drones have fewer functions and tend to either break easily or get lost as soon as they leave the ground.

The Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless drone is pricier but has functions you wouldn’t find in a cheaper drone. It has a 1080p video which takes great high definition footage.

 It has a follow me function which literally follows you. It can help you take great action shots of yourself. You can use the First Person View (FPV) Function to get images of the drone flying in real time. Another great feature on this drone is the altitude lock which keeps your drone flying at an altitude you are comfortable with. It even has a GPS function to return it home as well as a safe mode feature which ensures that the drone will always return home.



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