Hatch a Hatchimal!

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If you can still remember the excitement of receiving a Furby or a Tamagotchi as a child, you may want to seriously consider purchasing your child a Hatchimal, the latest interactive toy on the market.


What exactly is a Hatchimal? A Hatchimal is an innovative, interactive toy, which allows your child to hatch their very own furry, interactive friend. In order to find out what their Hatchimal looks like, your child will have to wait till their egg hatches as Hatchimals come in different colors. When you purchase a Hatchimal there are two different color combinations which your egg might hatch. Once hatched, each Hatchimal progresses through three stages, baby, toddler and kid. Each of which can be repeated by resetting your child’s Hatchimal.

In order for your child’s egg to hatch, they’ll have to interact with their egg by touching their egg. A process which is sure to delight children of all ages. The more your child touches their egg, the more responsive their egg will be. Whilst in it’s egg, your child’s Hatchimal will start to make inquisitive sounds and will start to peck against their egg, in order to break their egg’s shell. If your child taps the shell of their egg, their Hatchimal will tap back in response.

If your child listens carefully, they’ll also be able to hear the gentle thud of their Hatchimal’s heart beat. Better yet your child, turns their egg upside down, they’ll be able to see their new friend’s eyes light up from inside their egg. If you’re looking for an interactive toy which offers constant surprises, it’s well worth considering purchasing a Hatchimal egg.

When the time is right, your child’s new friend will hatch out of their egg as their egg shell will break off into pieces. Typically, it takes 15-25 minutes of interactive play, for a Hatchimal to begin the hatching process. Just beware that Hatchimals only hatch once, so there’s no way to repeat the hatching experience.

Don’t fear though as your child is bound to fall in love with their new friend who can walk, talk, dance, sing, repeat phrases and play games. If your child has been begging you for a pet of their own or enjoys playing with interactive toys such as Furbys, they’ll be sure to fall in love with their very own Hatchimal. So if you’re searching for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for your little one, it’s well worth wrapping up a Hatchimal.

There are a variety of Hatchimals available. As an example, if you purchase a Pengualas egg your child will hatch a bird like creature, whilst slightly resembles a penguin. Alternatively, if you purchase a Berakeet, your child will hatch a creature which resembles a cute bird, bear hybrid.

If you’re worried that your child’s new toy will make loud sounds incessantly, don’t worry as you can turn down your child’s Hatchimal’s volume to fifty percent. Each Hatchimal also comes with a handy on, off switch so if you need a little quiet time, you can always swtich your child’s Hatchimal off and tell them that it’s sleeping or taking a nap.


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