Montreal Comic Con 2015: Tour of the Dealer’s Room

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Montreal Comic Con has returned again and this time it is in July! We certainly got a gorgeous weekend for it, the weather is nice, the fans are enthusiastic and why shouldn’t they be with a great line-up, especially for Doctor Who fans; Karen Gillan, John Barrowman, Billie Pier and Eve Myles. Amazing, isn’t it? Ok, so without further ado let’s talk about the dealer’s room. What is new? What is exciting?


On the artistic side of things I found a booth selling some gorgeous masks. These masks are made by an artist named Doug Gibson. They are leather masks made from a wet molding process known as Cuir Boulli. After the sculpting process is finished, his creations are hand painted. They are truly things of beauty and you should check out his booth on Sunday. If you don’t have time, Doug and his wife are still working on a website to showcase these awesome masks but you can contact him concerning commissions at


Next up for the well dressed fan, is a shoe store called Montreal Shoe Pimp. These guys have some fantastic items. In the picture above, was one ladies shoe which I thought was extremely cool HOWEVER, it was the men’s shoe that really floored me.  Guys don’t usually get to accessorize their clothing as much as the ladies do. Personally I find this a little sad… I’m not the best dressed guy in the world but when I do dress up, I take great enjoyment in matching the right tie with the right suit. Shoes… well, let’s face it… most guys buy black dress shoes and that’s it. Some trendy guys might go a little more wild. Some cosplayers might go a lot more wild… and that’s why we love them. When I saw this blood splatter dress shoe, I took a pic and ran over to my friends Critical Miss and Retro Joad. I knew Jody, who cosplays often as the Joker, was going to love these and I thought the rest of you out on Geek Inked would too!


Last Valentine’s Day, my studio was having a special promotion for our Boudoir clients, the deluxe photo shoot package included not only the champagne, strawberries, chocolates, etc.. but also a brand new set of Victoria Secret lingerie. We wanted to make sure our clients looked Good. The promo was extremely popular but one of my regular clients, who comes back every year to give her husband a new set of beautiful pictures, asked me for a Geek Themed Shoot. You can order stuff online but it wouldn’t have arrived in time. If I had only known about Ginch Gonch! They sell underwear and amongst their wide selection they have several Geeky styles!


Finally we couldn’t leave you all without at least one comic book to check out. I bumped into the guys from Z Isle and they told me about their story which takes place 7 years after the zombie apocalypse, right here in Montreal. We don’t have very many guns to defend ourselves with so in his world people started making weapons out of bike parts! How Montreal is that? I just told him… “Dude, stop right there. You got me. I have to read this now!”


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