Montreal ComicCon 2015: Kevin Smith Part 3 – On Moose Jaw, Clerks III, and Following your dream

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Kevin Smith has another upcoming movie, also set in Canada, this time in Moose Jaw. Appropriately titled Moose Jaws, Kevin was asked about the film’s tagline, “Like Jaws, but with a Moose”, and he responded:

“I mean, What more do you need than that? Its kinda the movie I was born to make. I love Jaws so much, but they’ll never let me make a Jaws movie and why should they, for heaven’s sakes? They can’t STOP me from making Moose Jaws. It takes elements of things I’ve always loved. I loved Jaws. I love Canada. I’m a big fan of Bullwinkle.”


Kevin teased the audience with a few details about Clerks III. He said the Clerks series were like the King Lear of his life “funny, but really depressing”. The first Clerks was in his twenties, the second was “a little lighter, in my thirties”, but the third “is like middle age”. The same guys are running the store, “but in this really weird way”.

The experience of filming his most recent films helped cement, for Kevin Smith, the importance of podcasting as a venue. He encouraged the audience to get into it, calling it the wild west of entertainment due to the lack of gatekeepers. People crave “something they haven’t seen before, heard before, felt before”, and that everyone present had the capacity to deliver that.“Everybody has this incredibly unique story to tell. Your perspective, your voice is your only currency in this life. The only thing you’ve got at the end of the day is the prism through which you see the world and spread out your perspective…That’s insanely valuable.” He spoke about the movie industry’s drive to stamp out originality, in their obsession with doing what has already worked: “If you really want to make an impact, just stick to your own voice. Its tempting to do something else that’s succeeded. That voice of yours is f-ing valuable. They’ll try to beat it out of you but they want it at the same time. “


Kevin Smith can be found across the internets as “ThatKevinSmith”, including on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Reddit. Comic Book Men is now available on (American) Netflix, and his growing Smodcasting empire can be found here


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