Ottawa Comic Con 2016: Intro

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We had been greatly looking forward to returning to Ottawa for Ottawa Comic Con 2016. It’s one of the shows that is on my must see list for the year, mostly because it has my favourite mix of size and entertainment value. It’s big enough to draw in a variety of exciting guests and artists but small enough so that you don’t feel packed in like sardines with 100 000 of my closest friends.


This year the two guests that I’m most eager to see are Billie Piper from Doctor Who and Will Wheaton from Star Trek. From the get go, Billie Piper made a great impression on her fan base as she had a special surprise added into her Friday schedule for those loyal fans who had signed up for her post Q&A photo-op. Personally, I had thought that was a nice touch and one that I’d never seen before.


As for Wil Wheaton, I meet him at Montreal Comic Con 2012 when he took part in a Settlers of Catan game for the release of Star Trek Catan. As it happened, I ended up being his videographer for this event and if you so desire you can watch the whole game on Youtube. During this experience, I had the opportunity to chat with him a bit, we talked about games, hockey, and beer. Wil is interested in home brewing, so when I learned that the guys from the Clocktower Brew Pub had made a beer in Wil’s honour… well, I just had to try it. One of the perks of working for a tattoo magazine is that it’s perfectly legit for me to have a beer at work! As usual, the Clocktower did a great job, I quite liked it and I’m eager to chat with Wil and find out what he thought.



One other cool thing I found was the Pixel Patch Shop. If you watch the 45 second video, you can hear them explain it themselves, but essentially instead of selling art in the conventional manner, they made a little game out of it for interactive value. I thought this was really cool and anyone who makes the Comic Con experience more fun and creative, it a person we definitely want to support.

Now let’s talk cosplay for a moment. There is one of your local Ottawa cosplayers who deserves an honourable mention for creativity. Yes, his costumes are cool and he is great with the fans but my praise isn’t for either of these two very commendable traits. He gets a gold star for his creative marketing skills. WHAT? Yes, you heard me… excellance in creative marketing. The story begins at the Awesome Adventure Academy when I was chatting it up with a handful of fun people; Tender Cosplay, Betty Nukem and of course Richard Wong. It was there and then that Richard pulled out a Magic The Gathering card… or so I thought. It turned out that he had created business cards in the style of a Magic card. I thought this was super cool and then he told me that his business cards were now collectable and he was planning to create a new one for each convention. It was such a great idea that I vowed to track him down and begin collecting them all. Sure enough, when I found him here at Ottawa Comic Con, he had a new card for me. Check it out!


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