3 Kitchen Gift Ideas this Christmas

Less than two months to go before the gift-giving season, do you have any gift ideas for your family and friends?

Some of you might often dread the thought of giving gifts during Christmas. There’s this nagging thought that they might not like it, or that it might not fit their personality and style. Instead of being ‘merry’, you feel all the hassle and headache.

But there are incredible finds online which fit perfectly for everyone. So if you’re giving a gift for the kitchen-crazed type, you’ll never run out of gift ideas. Here are a few kitchen gift ideas that we found online that might come in handy on that Christmas list:

Oster 3874 Flip Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker. Say hello to bright and sunshiney mornings with a double flip waffle maker. It comes with dual cooking plates that heat at the proper temperature creating perfectly cooked waffle for everyone. Its handles are cool to touch and allows you to easily flip the plates to cook the other side.
Why is this perfect for mom (or your aunt or a friend who’s a mom)? Waffles are perfect to brighten up one’s day and moms just have this magic in them which makes every meal special. It’s going to be one great day ahead!


Best Drones Under $100 on Amazon.com

Drones, or quadcopters, are a recent invention that has taken the world by storm. The sudden increase in the availability and practicality of drones makes them the perfect present for any tech head who wants the latest gadgets at entry-level prices. This round up of the most affordable small drones on Amazon.com hopes to provide insight into what consumers are saying about these cool gadgets.

We’re reviewing the top drones we found under $100 on Amazon.com.  Check them out!151021_ft_drone-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2


G-Anime 2016 Prize Announcement

Hi Folks! We took a little more time than usual to decide which of our G-Anime finalists were going get the Kagagi Comic Book and the Jack Salaberry Book. We had quite a difficult choice this time for two reasons; first of all we were only giving away two prizes! We sort of got used to handing out a lot of prizes and with only two this time, we very felt that it was a difficult choice. The second  problem was getting five people to agree on the same two cosplayers… we spent long hours arguing each cosplayers merits via Skype.

Just two give everyone and idea of how seriously we take this, we aren’t just thinking “Which is my favourite?” Much like Yaya Han mentioned in her panel at Ottawa Pop Expo, judging cosplay is a rigorous process that involves topics such as:

How well the costume was built?

How well did the cosplayer represent the character?

Did the cosplayer pull off an awesome pose?

Did the photo have feeling?

Did the photo have energy?

Was the cosplay something unique?


Top Remote Control Toys for 2016

Fact:  We love remote controlled toys.

Fact:  There are so many brands of remote controlled toys on the market.


Selecting the best toy can be very tough especially when you are a novice in this field. There are different things to take into account before you buy a remote controlled toy for your child.

Some of the important aspects include prices and features. To find affordable and high quality toys, you can check with online stores such as the Amazon for better deals over the same.

Here are our reviews of some of the best remote controlled toys to consider in 2016.


Cool Gadgets For The Holidays

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for most families. It is a time people take time off of work and other responsibilities to spend time with family and friends.  Not to mention a little something called gift-giving.

Are you stumped for ideas for that special nerd in your life?

red gift box on a laptop keyboard

If you have no idea where to start, Amazon has a number of trendy and cool gadgets and items you can give your loved ones this coming Christmas.


FanExpo 2016: Amy Acker


For a very shy young Amy Acker, the discovery of acting was life-changing. Amy took an acting class when a knee injury interrupted her ballet career, and discovered that she liked talking as long as someone else wrote the words. With a wide, nervous grin she added “Whereas when I have to say my own words, like this, I get really embarrassed”. Currently appearing on Person of Interest, she is best known for her roles on Angel as Winifred “Fred” Burkle and Illyria. Amy said she had identified with the role because of their common love of math and science. She said she always felt that, like herself, Fred was from Texas and loved tacos.


Kitchen Toys – Fun For Geeks Of All Ages!

I was in the kitchen with my daughter, and we had a laptop on the counter. I had brought it to that most sacred place after realizing just how short I was on kitchen gadgets that would help me with my special needs. I had a tab open, with a tomato slicer I had been looking at, and my six-year-old daughter thought it was a toy when she had a look. I was so busy with what I was doing in the kitchen that I affirmed that it was indeed a toy. I managed to free myself five minutes later and joining her at the counter, I had a brilliant idea:  I would shop for kitchen toys with my daughter.


Rob’s Introduction to Fan Expo 2016

Hi Everyone! Here we are at Fan Expo 2016 and there is once again a lot of things to see. The first thing I feel like I need to mention is something near and dear to my heart. Transformers. Once again, The Cybertronic Spree will be performing at the Fan Expo Afterparty put on by the team at Geek Pr0n… They are calling it Nerd Noise Night and if you haven’t heard Cybertronic’s version of Instruments of Destruction, then you’re really missing out.


In other news, Fan Expo has made some layout changes this year. They moved most of the gaming that was clogging up the North building last year into the South Building this year. It’s a much improved format and should you be so inclined (and I know our readers will be), you can visit the various gaming booth by X-Box, Playstation, Unisoft and more. Each of them fit perfectly into the high tech feel that Fan Expo has this year. You can even get up and try out Just Dance 2016… I really want to see some epic cosplay dance off battles! You know the Anime characters will do it but I personally would like to see Joker vs Batman…


…21st Century Shopping

So after deciding I was too lazy to step out of the house to look for kid’s toys, I had a look at what Amazon had to offer. At first, I had to filter my search with specifications to get a selection of kid’s toys. I afterward realized that all the other toys they had to offer were rather interesting, but we will get to that later.
First off, I have a serious question to ask you, dear readers: why on earth to people still leave the house to do shopping?!? Looking through what was on offer, still in my pajamas and with a cup of coffee in my hands, I found enough to make any child happy!

Or so I thought.
Experimenting with one particular girl, whom I have been out shopping with, I saw that her eyes did not light up as much as they did when she had shelves filled with toys all around her. Sure, there was a great selection of toys that lit up my computer screen with colors, especially pink, and she really did get excited while scrolling through all the options. I felt I had to make a purchase for her, after having tortured the poor thing with pages of dolls and the likes, and while she was happy by the end of the experiment, it was apparent that for the young ones, being at a toy store is an occasion and a present in and of itself.

I, on the other hand, beg to differ.
After letting the little girl go, I spent hours browsing through all the cool tech you can find online. The great thing about shopping online is that I can actually learn about all the stuff I see without asking a thousand questions to some poor staff member at a tech store. While shopping online, if I saw a cool gadget, I would simply check out the specs on the item specification and update my knowledge base. I spent most of the time clicking on an item I was not too familiar with, then googling its application and use.

I also avoid the embarrassment of walking out of a store empty-handed after having nagged some employee for an hour.
What I learned while surfing online about all the technological gadgets out there was mind-blowing! In my first hour, I felt as if I had been living in bubble a decade into the past, given how much I didn’t know was out there. Not only that, but I found all sorts of exciting gadgets at prices I could afford. I decided to start off by buying a drone, not really thinking about all the safety hazards of flying such a thing in my area. I did, however, take it down to the beach and had the time of my life!

By the end of my shopping spree online, I peeled my eyes off the screen, sat myself outside, and thought of how much more addictive that was to actually stepping out to shop. Afterward, I took a long walk to make sure my health was not jeopardized by the conveniences of living in the twenty-first century.

G-Anime 2016 Cosplay Awards

Hello Folks! I hope all of you had a great time at G-Anime this year, if your photos are any way to judge then it sure looks like you did! I have a little bit of good news for all of you. In 2014 we were running a special promotion in conjunction with some very talented artists… we were giving away a couple of prizes per convention in association with our Cosplay Awards. Now we weren’t supposed to be doing it for 2015 but we keep on ending up with prizes… so we are going to keep on giving out prizes until they run out! As per usual, everyone mentioned in this article, regardless of the category they appear in, will be considered a finalist for one of the two cosplay prizes. What are these prizes, you ask?