Watch Out! Does The Watch Really Choose The Man?

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I don’t know about you… but I’m a watch person. Can’t step out of the house without one! I have worn wrist watches since I was “yay high”… and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s the fact that you can’t teach a man how to love his watch… it’s a personal thing… deeply personal. It’s almost like an unspoken ritualistic marriage of some sorts between man and an object… a time piece. You don’t choose your men’s watches, they choose you!

We all have a rough idea in our minds about how a good men’s watch should look like; bold, probably in a big manly case, and a sophisticated but awesome looking dial that throws everything at your face, easy to adjust straps, and so many other small things that appeal to us personally. Then there’s the small matter of the actual construction of the watch’s internal mechanism, what makes it tick, its reliability, the ability of the watch to perform outstandingly in terms of precision. And then of course lastly, we want the name to be something our friends either can’t forget, or can’t pronounce! A name that oozes class and commands respect!

I was shopping for some gifts for a cousin’s wedding the other day and I was almost beginning to enjoy the cool choices of stuff I could by the groom until I got to the men’s watches… well I kind of walked into that one because I deliberately navigated to that part of Amazon (just to sneak a peek…); I have never been so confused!

To demonstrate to you what I mean… here is one watch you can either buy for yourself, or for your friend(s)… this time we can let it be the situation where the man chooses the watch…

BEWELL – ZS Wooden Men’s Watch – Gearbest

Please don’t get me wrong… I’m all about saving the environment and all that but one look at this watch and I thought, “Mmmh, maybe a few more trees wouldn’t hurt… it’s for a good cause anyway! Everyone should one of these…”

I have loved wood all my life, but this watch just took the cup and ran with it! Literally! I have this thing with making weird fashion statements and dressing the part and I think I’ll be wearing this watch the next time I’m out camping or trekking in the woods or pretty much doing anything that happens in a forest! Like, “Excuse me miss, mind if I run back to the house real quick…? I’m really into what’s happening here right now, but I can’t be in the woods without my woody watch!”… Get it?? (wink wink)…

Why I Love the BEWELL

This “retro style” men’s watch is all wooden, let begin there. Everything from the case, to the dial, and the straps is all wood. Well, except the silver metallic ring around the dial the outer rugged ring on the watch’s case. Oh, the adjusting pin and the strap release button are also metallic which forms a nice blend with the wood to add to the watch’s unique startling beauty and appeal.

The watch is big enough to qualify for the “manly” title and the dial is clearly visible. The hour markings on the dial are also made of the same silver metal which makes them easy to see and the hands glow in the dark to help you tell time even in total darkness… see why the BEWELL is good for the woods now…?

Strapping it on and taking it off is also very easy. The butterfly-buckle clasping mechanism releases at the slightest press of the buttons on the side and the watch just comes off. You’ll also be glad to know that the straps are totally resizable to fit any wrist, plus the straps surprisingly feel amazingly smooth against your wrist (or skin). The back cover is also made of wood and it’s tightly screwed on to the watch’s case using 4 tiny screws. This compact construction allows the wooden watch to be water resistant up to a depth of 30M. Another special feature that I really must have with all my watches is the date display. The BEWELL’s date display is quite visible and positioned perfectly for quick glances. With fine curves and an exquisite finish, the BEWELL is surely designed to be a life-long companion… Add the 36 months battery life to that and you have a beloved companion for like… forever!

Does the BEWELL keep correct time up to the last second? Is it precise?

I really don’t know about that, but I can bet you my $31 that I’ll soon find out!


Why You Want the BEWELL Men’s Watch

* Its super lightweight

* Water resistant

* Easy to clean

* Easy to wear and take off

* Goes with anything you wear on outdoor activities (retro & casual style)

* It has a cool wooden storage box


NOTICE: DO NOT soak in water or leave wet for long periods. DO NOT expose to too much sunlight.

This is wood… so think…

Remember, “A fool and his wealth are soon parted!”


Final Word

As I mentioned earlier, I have loved wooden things but mostly furniture and other household items like picture frames and knife handles… to speaker cabinets. However, a wooden watch was far more than I could imagine… I mean… a watch made of wood? Who makes that? As a matter of fact who would wear that?

Now I know.

The BEWELL wooden watch is a thing of sophisticated beauty and a must have men’s wrist watch for every man with taste or the tiniest ounce of pizzazz… It’s the perfect time-piece for outdoor activities and it would look awesome on any Boy Scout leader dad! At least they’d have something to take the attention from the tight shorts…

The BEWELL ZS is a great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and just because!


Every man in the world should buy this men’s watch.


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